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Animal Movement

Although studying animal movement is not a standalone BOF research stream, tracking the movements of marine megafauna species (e.g. sharks, rays, turtles and large teleosts) with electronic transmitters is a common technique across many BOF research projects. In addition to being an exceptional tool for public engagement, tracking is used to address a range of scientific objectives and to complement other ecological, biological and physiological techniques.


Beyond providing animal movement data to local-regional studies, BOF contributes animal movement data to national and global databases. Our contribution enables multi-institutional “big data” collaborations that address ecological and conservation questions at continental, national and global scales.

Migrations, connectivity, and stock structure of fish species on the east coast of Australia

Marine megafauna movement ecology in a changing environment

Contribution to the Global Shark Movement Project

Flatback turtle (Natator depressus) ecology and conservation on the east coast of Australia

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