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Learn how some of our negatively buoyant marine friends rely on their unique sixth sense to detect hidden prey.

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0m 58secs

Sharks and rays

Get an overview of the negatively buoyant marine animals that must keep swimming in order to stay off the ocean floor.

1m 23secs

Shark feeding

Find out how sharks and rays catch and feed on prey as large carnivores with different types of teeth and jaws.

0m 57secs

Shark senses

Learn about sharks’ keen sense of smell and discover their unique sixth sense that helps them detect hidden prey.

0m 50secs

Shark reproduction

Spot the difference between male and female sharks based on their visible reproductive organs and positions while mating.

1m 1sec

Bottom dwelling

Be across the features and functions of bottom-dwelling sharks that spend most of their lives on the sea floor.

0m 56secs


Watch these masters of disguise sit and wait for they prey to amble within striking range and attack with true aggression.

1m 26secs

Leopard sharks

Lay eyes on these sluggish bottom dwellers whose babies hatch looking nothing like their mothers.

0m 52secs

Tawny sharks

Learn about the most docile species of shark found on lagoon floors or around reef edges in sheltered caves.

1m 4secs


Take a look at the creature with a saw-like snout that moves easily between fresh and salt water environments.

1m 25secs

Epaulette sharks

Discover the remarkable characteristics and reproduction practices of this nocturnal, egg-laying shark.

0m 58secs

Mid water sharks

Find out why mid water sharks have their grey and white colouring, and learn about their ability to stay afloat.

1m 55secs

Tiger sharks

See how the tiger shark’s body size, acute sense of smell and unselective diet make it a top ocean predator.

1m 5secs

Hammerhead sharks

Learn about the great and scalloped hammerhead species and the purpose of their uniquely shaped heads.

1m 39secs

Whale sharks

Gain insights into the feeding habits, naming and colouration of this gentle giant often found near the water’s surface.

1m 13secs


Spot the similarities and differences between black tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and silver tip sharks.

0m 55secs

White tip reef sharks

Get to grips with the processes that enable white tip reef sharks to survive and feed close to the sea floor.

1m 11secs


Get up close with the animals best described as bottom-dwelling sharks with expanded pectoral fins.

0m 57secs

Manta rays

Discover the processes that manta rays use to swim, feed and remove parasites from their bodies.

0m 35secs

Eagle rays

Learn about the anatomy, feeding practices and defence mechanisms of the spotted eagle ray, an important food source for sharks.

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