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Explore the reptilian world of turtles, sea snakes and saltwater crocodiles, as well as their diets, mating practices and behaviours.

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Discover the evolution and key characteristics of these animals, and learn more about the ones that have adapted to life in the water.

1m 55secs

Sea turtles

Learn about the seven species of sea turtle found across the globe, including their diving abilities, mating practices and common nesting habits.

0m 56secs

Hawksbill turtle

Learn to spot a hawksbill turtle and find out what is causing the numbers of this small but striking turtle to dwindle over time.

1m 7secs

Green turtle

Find out how the green turtle got its name, and learn more about its specialised diet, sexual maturity and mating and nesting patterns.

2m 6secs

Sea snake

Spot the similarities and differences between sea snakes and their terrestrial cousins, and find out how they predate and protect themselves.

1m 20secs

Saltwater crocodile

Understand how and why crocodiles have come to be one of the world’s greatest survivors, seeing which senses aid their survival.

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