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Mollusca & Cephalopods

Meet the second-largest phylum of invertebrate animals, learning about the intricacies of their body forms, feeding mechanisms and more. Be amazed by ancient molluscs and jet-propelled octopuses, learning about their distinguishing features.

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1m 6secs


Get up close with the mighty mollusc and learn about their range of body forms and lifestyles.

1m 2secs


Learn about the shelled and unshelled invertebrates that make up three quarters of all living species of mollusc.

1m 8secs

Giant triton

Get to grips with the giant triton, a voracious predator and the largest gastropod in the world.

1m 33secs

Cone shells

See for yourself why cone shells are better left untouched as you watch the venomous takedown of innocent victims.

1m 19secs


Discover the defence tactics that these soft vulnerable bodies use to avoid predation and remain alive.

1m 6secs


Appreciate the beauty of bivalves and discover their mechanisms for feeding, absorbing energy and avoiding sun damage.

1m 59secs


Come to understand cephalopods, the most advanced form of molluscs that are found throughout the world’s oceans.

1m 32secs


Follow the journey of an ancient mollusc, the only cephalapod to have retained its external shell to this day.

2m 20secs


Learn more about cuttlefish, the cephalopod more colloquially known as the chameleon of the sea.

0m 52secs


See what advantages squids can boast from leveraging excellent eyesight, jet propulsion and their signature black ink.

2m 0secs


Prepare to be amazed by the octopus’ ability to contort its body and mimic its environment in an effort to adapt to its surroundings.

1m 27secs

Blue ring octopus

Learn about the octopus’ rings of iridescent blue, its venomous saliva and other offensive characteristics.

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