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Marine Plants

Realise the critical ecological importance of marine plants in upholding Great Barrier Reef ecosystems.

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1m 39secs


Refine your understanding of photosynthesis and the critical role of zooxanthelle in providing coral reefs the energy to survive, grow and reproduce.

1m 18secs


Appreciate the role of algae in reefs’ ecology by learning about its composition and contribution to the marine food web.

1m 59secs


Realise the ecological and economic importance of mangroves – a critical habitat, nursery ground and storehouse for many species.

1m 32secs

What are mangroves?

Discover what mangroves are, where they grow and how some 65 species contribute to the livelihood of the marine ecosystem.

0m 49secs


Find out what seagrass looks like, where it typically grows and how it supports an enormous array of marine life.

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