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Marine Mammals

Discover the physical and behavioural traits that distinguish our whales, dolphins and dugongs from their finned friends.

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Explore the world of whales, dolphins and dugongs, and discover what traits and characteristics distinguish them from fish.

1m 20secs


Learn about this sluggish, slow and sizeable marine mammal, its main means of defence, maturation timeline and reproduction processes.

1m 13secs


Dive deeper into the traits and characteristics of the marine mammal best known for its intelligence and social skills.

1m 26secs

Dwarf minke whales

Meet the dwarf minke whale and learn about its migration, colouration and population threats due to wild hunting by humans.

1m 25secs

Humpback whales

Understand the anatomy, impressive movement abilities and annual migration patterns of the ocean’s largest whale.

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