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Jellyfish, Corals & Anemones

Learn about the cnidarians and other creatures that can be found on the Great Barrier Reef, including the deadly crown of thorns starfish, elusive Irukandji, venomous box jellyfish, and more.

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1m 28secs


Get up close and spot the common characteristics of corals, sea anemones, jellyfish, and sea pens and fans.

0m 48secs


Learn about hydrozoans, colonies of tiny polyps working together in the form of feather-like hydroids, fire corals and more.

1m 35secs


Find out about the composition, stinging ability and energy source of anemones, the home of Nemo.

2m 2secs

What are corals?

Learn more about the seemingly immobile rock-like creatures, including their requirements for formation, growth and defence from predators.

1m 59secs

Coral types

Spot the difference between soft and hard corals and discover the impact of light intensity, water turbidity and other factors on coral colony growth.

1m 10secs

Coral feeding

Understand the photosynthesis of algae, the perfect recycling system that gives coral the energy it needs to grow, survive and thrive.

1m 47secs

Coral reproduction

Learn about budding and other sexual and asexual means of coral reproduction that occur in our reefs.

0m 59secs

Coral predators

Get to know the deadly and dangerous crown of thorns starfish, butterflyfish, filefish and parrotfish.

2m 0secs


Learn about the anatomy, stinging ability and reproduction process of one of Earth’s first mobile predators.

0m 57secs

Jellyfish lakes

Discover Jellyfish Lake, the home of millions of golden jellyfish who live in the absence of predators in Palau.

2m 19secs

Box jellyfish

Prepare to be surprised by the box jellyfish, a venomous species that can be more deadly than sharks and crocodiles.

1m 36secs


Familiarise yourself with one of the smallest killers found along coastlines and reef from Australia to southeast Asia.

0m 40secs

Comb jellies

Learn about the anatomy of comb jellies whose lack of stinging cells make them ctenophora, not jellyfish.

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