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Understand the intricacies of the Great Barrier Reef’s echinoderms, including the featherstar, the crown of thorns, and sea urchins. Further, unravel how these prickly creatures impact the Reef’s ecology – for better or for worse.

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1m 50secs


Refine your knowledge of bottom-dwelling marine invertebrates such as sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

1m 1sec


Watch how these plankton-eating filter feeders strategically position themselves to feed and to accommodate other species.

1m 25secs


Spot the similarities and differences between classic sea stars and brittlestars, focusing on their composition and characteristics.

1m 30secs

Sea star

Discover this echinoderm’s tactics for locomotion and its unusual method of eating as it turns its stomach inside out.

1m 27secs

Crown of thorns

Refresh your knowledge on one of the most notorious coral predators that is capable of wiping out vast areas of reef.

1m 3secs

Sea cucumber

Watch the marine vacuum cleaners in action as they forage on the sea floor, absorb useful nutrients and expel process sand.

1m 13secs

Sea urchins

Understand how these spiky-skinned creatures contribute both positively and negatively to their reef’s ecology.

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