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Appreciate the taxonomy, survival tactics and development of crabs, crayfish and shrimp. From microscopic plankton, to lumbering crayfish, these lobster-like species lead a unique, nocturnal life.

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Gain insights into the taxonomy, composition and development of crustaceans, from microscopic plankton to lumbering crayfish.

1m 22secs


Learn more about the marine creatures with hard shells, five pairs of legs and a unique set of survival techniques.

1m 5secs


Find out more about the lobster-like species, their protective armour, molting process and reproduction.

1m 23secs


Discover more about these nocturnal species and how they stay alive as a small creature in such a vast natural environment.

1m 2secs

Mantis shrimp

Uncover the complexities of this unique creature’s vision, sensitivities and aggressive predation tactics.

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