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Appreciate the predation threats and parenting duties that birds living most of their lives across open ocean must adapt to.

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Discover the feeding habits, parenting duties and travel requirements of birds that spend a substantial portion of their life over the open ocean.

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Learn about this social animal’s breeding, early life, parenting duties and predation threats both on land and over the water.

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Frigate birds

Find out how frigate birds out-manoeuvre other species and hassle them into regurgitating their recent meal.

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Meet the tern family which is commonly seen around coral reefs and contains more species than any other group of seabird.

0m 42secs

Tropic birds

Appreciate the beauty and ecological functions of the most exquisite of the seabirds, often seen suspended in the air, miles from land.

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White capped noddy

Distinguish the white capped noddy from other members of the tern family, and learn about their breeding and parenting habits.

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