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Appreciate the bigger picture of how the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem interconnects a myriad of life forms, and how we can work towards achieving sustainability.

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1m 25secs


Delve deeper into the buzzword that has become a hot topic in the scientific community and among conservationists.

1m 14secs

Habitats and niches

Understand what is and what constitutes a habitat, and be able to distinguish a habitat from a niche.

1m 40secs


Discover how and why almost all marine life forms interconnect, relying on one another to survive, grow and reproduce.

1m 28secs


Realise the importance of inter-specific relationships for when it comes to avoiding predation and ensuring one’s own survival.

0m 53secs


Appreciate the roles of invisible animals, sunlight, nutrient cycles and decaying matter in keeping the system alive.

1m 30secs

Energy flow

Get up to speed on the flow of energy which begins with solar power and moves on through the foodweb.

0m 57secs


Understand what sustainable use means and why it should be achieved for environmental, social and economic purposes.

2m 32secs

Climate: what you can do

Find out small steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a more environmentally conscious society.

1m 37secs

World Heritage sites

See what is classified as a World Heritage site, why they exist and how the Great Barrier Reef satisfies all four criteria.

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