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Shark tourism is a growing multi-million dollar industry worldwide, with many dive companies marketing trips specifically to feed sharks. Shark tourism can encourage conservation through education and creating public awareness, however, tourism also has the potential to adversely affect a target species by altering an animal‘s natural behaviour.

Limited information available shows that feeding sharks, or tourism in general, can affect the natural behaviour of individuals in some species, yet, there is still little understanding of whether behavioural changes have consequences for health and fitness.

We aim to contribute information to help develop best practices, so businesses can operate in a way that’s environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, while still being commercially viable.

For further information see 'Shark and Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice' - HIGH RES (23MB) - LOW RES (4MB).

Effects of Tourism

Investigate if tourism has long-term effects on shark behaviour and health.


Providing the science to help develop best practices for shark tourism operators.


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