Ocean Plastic - Biopixel Oceans


Retrieve floating plastic out of the open sea



Intercept plastic waste before it ends up in landfills, gets burned, buried or tossed into waterways



Work with organisations creating new materials to replace single-use plastic



Work with organisations to upcycle marine debris into new eco-innovative products

A massive amount of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. Recent studies indicate at least 18 million kilograms (40 million pounds) has accumulated in the North Pacific Ocean alone.  Whales, birds, turtles, fish and other aquatic species are all affected by plastic marine debris.  Through collaboration with Parley, we aim to raise awareness about plastic pollution and work on projects that address this issue.

We see the key to ending ocean plastic pollution is collaboration – approaching it from different angles and in a multidisciplinary way. Biopixel Research works with Parley to execute their Ocean Plastic Program through a number of initiatives, both locally, nationally and globally.

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