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3D Mapping

3D mapping of the drowned reefs and bioherms (ancient reefs) using multi-beam sonar and airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) bathymetry to map their detailed shape, depth and distribution.


Imagery from underwater robots and physical sampling provide information on the variety and distribution of the marine life using these deep-water habitats.


The deep reefs and bioherms record the ancient history of how the Great Barrier Reef has responded to previous climate change.  By researching these structure, we aim to unlock the story of their origins.


In the deeper Great Barrier Reef, between depths of about 30m to 100m, lie ancient coral reefs formed when sea levels were lower. Now drowned, these deep reefs are the habitat for mesophotic (light dependent) corals and algae attached to the hard coral rock.

The northern GBR has the world’s largest area of Halimeda bioherms, or mounds of calcareous sediment built up by this green algae.  These deep reefs provide scientists with information about the reef’s resilience that can be used for its conservation



3D view of the Great Barrier Reef


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