Biopixel Oceans Foundation supports
marine research, exploration and education.

We fund research into our oceans and the marine life within them to impact conservation decisions, learn more about under-researched species and instil a passion for the ocean in younger generations.

The types of research we aim to foster include:

Raine Island

Studing the ecology of the Green Sea Turtles, Tiger Sharks and Seabirds and their roles in the fragile Raine Island ecosystem


The foundation researches and collaborates on a number of Shark and Ray projects across the globe.


A community-funded project, Megamouths is an initiative to learn more about Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the Great Barrier Reef and Coal Sea region.

Give one of our finned friends a name and follow its journey as it makes its way across the ocean. Sharks are tagged with satellite transmitters to learn more about movement and migration patterns, identifying habitats key to their survival, their relationship with other marine animals, population dynamics, and their vulnerability to human threats such as fishing and shark culling programmes.

Your $5,000 donation will cover the cost of one new satellite tag. As the benefactor, you will be given the opportunity to name your shark and follow his/her movements. Want to adopt a shark, but don’t have $5,000? Why not get your work place, social club, class or entire school involved? We welcome and encourage collective adoptions.